Coffee Table Book - "Geeto ke Darvesh : Gopal Dass Neeraj"

It is the collection of some unforgettable and precious moments of eminent and renowned hindi poet Padam Bhushan Dr Gopal Das Neeraj’s life. Gopal Das Saxena “Neeraj” is Hindi literature poet and author. He was awarded Padma Shri in 1991 and Padma Bhushan in 2007. Neeraj Ji is a Living Legend who has always mesmerized not only the audience in India but all over the world with his Poems, Shayris and Bollywood songs. Book is edited by – Dr. Rupal Agarwal & Harsh Vardhan Agarwal

"Urdu Shayri Mein Gita"

It is a collection of urdu verses of the translation of 700 shlokas of Srimad Bhagvadgita. This translation is done by Late Anwar Ahmad Anwar Jalalpuri. The verses on the Shlokas of the Bhagvadgita have been composed in a simple language explaining the sankhya yoga and karma yoga theory propounded in Gita. The book has a deep impact on strengthening of Ganga-Jamuni culture of India and communal harmony and national amity. Bhagwatgita has universal character of teaching and no religious or scriptural text book in the world, can claim to be truly “Universal Scripture” other than the Divine Song of Gita. The Cult of equanimity preached by Bhagvadgita sees God everywhere and in everything. This equanimity of Gita upholds religion, believes in existence of God, upholds the principles of truth, universal brotherhood, tolerance and selfless service to humanity (without distinction of community). It has no room for self-interest and aims at universal welfare and maintenance of divine world, order and respect for all religions and faiths. The equanimity preached in Bhagvadgita, is therefore a moral force to reckon which can bring about emotional and national integration apart from promoting the cause of world peace and international understanding, more effectively than any other weapon of peace. Composed by – Late Padama Shri Anwar Jalalpuri

"Bhagvadgita Girl Maryam"

This Book is about 13 Year old girl “Maryam Asif Siddiqui”, who won Gita Champions League organized by ISKCON, Mumbai. The Book “Bhagavadgita Girl Maryam” will be a source of inspiration for others, specially children. It will motivate them towards brotherhood and national integrity. This is the best example of brotherhood and National unity. This book also sets an example that if every child of our society will become educated, the boundaries of religion and castes will help them in achieving the goal of better India. They will create the country, free of violence in the name of religion. Written & Edited by – Dr. Rupal Agarwal and Harsh Vardhan Agarwal