The Prime Minister’s call to end open defecation is not the sole responsibility of the Government. The civil society will have to come forward to support this cause. Feeling obligated to the cause, the Help U Trust wants to build individual and community toilets in villages of most backward districts listed in 115 aspiring districts of India


Conserve India's Syncretic Culture

India is perhaps a unique country to be moving forward despite so many diversities. The fabric that binds one and the all is the rich syncretic culture. This culture needs to be conserved and promoted for the posterity. The Help U Trust will continue to promote efforts by individuals and organisations that work for national unity

Gram Swaraj

Based on Gandhian principle of local self government, the Trust intends to adopt a Gram Panchayat & empower its people to achieve better health, education & livelihood reflected in improved socio-economic indicators. The work would begin with a survey of the adopted Gram Panchayat on the sustainable development goals listed by UNDP. This will be followed by a SWOT (strength weakness opportunity & threat) analysis of the Gram Panchayat to prepare a specific development plan (intervention road map with fixed timelines) for the Gram Panchayat


Village Campaigns

This campaign aims at dealing with the issue of gender bias in 100 villages with poorest sex ratio which is a root cause of violence against girls and women. It will focus on sensitizing the community about the importance of women, also empowering them with awareness on schemes and awareness of growth prospects for women.

Academy of Spiritual Music

To promote the spiritual music of India amongst the society, especially the younger generation, our Trust has planned to establish an Academy of Spiritual Music, where students will be imparted training and programmes will also be organized to promote their talent. Academy will also award scholarships to deserving students of the academy


Health & Education

We pledge to continue our support for health and education initiatives, for we feel that the two are the basics of a quality life and pre requisites for sustained growth. Through our scheme of ‘Help U Bal Gopal Shiksha Yojna’ we are committed for education of underprivileged children of the society, for this we are planning a mass promotional campaign among the society especially those couples who don’t have children and they can afford to sponsor the education of these children

60+ Senior Citizen Club

We are planning to run an orphanage, old age home and a club where senior citizens will interact with each other, free health check-ups, free medical aid, legal assistance etc. will be provided to them


Bhagvadgita Centre

Our Trust is taking this initiative to spread the feeling of national integrity & unity. Behind Bhagvadgita Centre, our motto is to conduct the research on various spiritual books to derive out the similarities amongst different religions & their relevance in everyone’s life today. This research will be conducted by the experts from all around the nation. This Centre will constitute a movie centre, auditorium, satsang bhawan, library, book store, conference hall, guest rooms, canteen, food court, toilets & a museum. Centre will give a peaceful atmosphere for meditation to people of all religion & all sections of society

Promotion Of Arts & Literature (Publications)

As a part of promotion of arts & literature of our country, we are under process of publishing two books very soon, these are: – ‘Inside story of Beaurocracy’ and ‘Coffee table Book” on poet and patron of the Trust a Padama Shri Late ‘Anwar Jalalpuri’